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Real Estate Bubble in Stimulated Economy

Investors wait for ride the right wave to gain some profits. Some of them believe that the safest investment vehicle after T bond is the real estate because it keeps the value safe from rubbery and most of the time from economic turbulences. As the manner of facts, real estate …

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Sort of Predicting Crisis through Yield Curve Rate Analysis

Many articles are portraying nowadays a big concern about the current international market situations warning from another possible financial crisis. Furthermore, other analysts are saying that the market is entering a recession phase taking in their calculations many economical and financial indicators and tools. One of the most recently used …

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Amazon Financial Analysis Report

Wednesday, 6th June 2012 Consulting Bureau for Studies and Financial Analyzing has launched a new financial analysis report for Amazon. It is about Amazon’s financial performance. Please check the following link to download the report,     Amazon_ Analysis_ Report_ 2012       (if the link doesn’t work please contact …

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Nonprofits Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are a corporate structure which seeks no profits against the services they provided; on the other hand, they need to be funded with cash and non-cash contributions like goods, services volunteers to accomplish their missions. Further, they are funded by public, private source, and/or from the government.  This …

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US Debt Ceiling and Policy- Mix

Since decades the US economy is the one of the largest world’s economies.  After Second World War, the US economy has become a main wheel of other international economies. On the other hand, especially nowadays national debt is a great matter for the Americans. Moreover, the politic marathon between republicans …

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The Investment Behavior in the Capital Market

People like to handle in stock or currency markets in order to make easy profits. They face problems with targeting their cash and disappointed market’s reaction. We discuss here investor’s behavior, and the scenarios of handle in stock and even in currency market. Every time we hear about people were …

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