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Wednesday, 25th January 2012

Today Consulting Bureau for Studies and Financial Analyzing (CBSFA) launched a campaign to help nonprofit organizations that are facing financial difficulties due to unreliable funding and low employee retention ratios.

“The inability to retain employees with high levels of expertise and competency has become one of the most common problems for nonprofit organizations,” said Ikbal Abduljabbar, founder and CEO of CBSFA. “Being financially unstable it is hard to retain employees, especially with working conditions that are characterized by long hours and low wages compared to private-sector jobs.”

With more nonprofits launching each year, competition between organizations is increasing, leading to less government funding. As a result many nonprofits are unable to retain employees, and subsequently complete projects. This often leads to postponement or cancellation of many projects, which may hurt the credibility of organizations, making obtaining future projects difficult.

Abduljabbar said, “Whether or not your organization is overly reliant on government funding, the key to longevity is to have a flexible cash management plan that allows you to handle sudden reductions in funding.”

Budgeting and cash management plans may help nonprofit organizations preserve financial stability, helping them to finance human resources and stabilize employee retention ratios, leading to more projects and credibility.

CBSFA is now offering free services, which include financial statement analysis, budgeting and cash management planning through cash inflow and outflow management and controlling expenses. Regardless of the organization’s size, CBSFA will offer support. In order to do so they are maximizing their team efforts. Visit their website for an overview of their services.

“Our mission in this campaign is to provide nonprofit organizations an extensive financial analysis to identify their financially weak areas, and to provide them with solutions that are practical to apply,” said Abduljabbar. “We are now offering nonprofit organizations an opportunity to strengthen their capacity. It is our way of showing our appreciation of their efforts.”

“We strive to make CBSFA financial advisor that nonprofit organizations can rely on,” Abduljabbar said. “We encourage managers and executives to act now and learn more about how we can serve them,” Abduljabbar added.
Applications are now being accepted at
About CBSFA:

In 2011, CBSFA was established to help its clients make strong financial decisions. Since then, they have helped national and international clients with intelligent financial solutions. Today, their primary goal is to resolve financial issues that affect the financial world.



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