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Hedging Means for Investments

Consulting Bureau for Studies and Financial Analyzing advices and provides its clients who wants to manage their investments by their own with many strategies. For instance, it occurs when a fund manager buys low-risk government bonds over more risky corporate debt, or when an investor hedges their currency exposure with currency derivatives, stock …

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Cash and Treasury Management

Cash and treasury management is a very important strategy to prevent breaks or gaps in the trading cycle due to lack of cash, management must calculate the cash amount and suits it to their level of activity such plan the timing of the relevant payments and collections. Treasury and cash …

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Business Valuation

Business valuation is an important work to give a clear picture of which price will match stock’s value, or even to know the accurate value of enterprise’s capital. The valuation process is accomplished through various methods. But the most methods that ever used are, · Asset approach. · Market approach. …

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